Pain-relief with a side of anxiety-reduction: The cannabis-infused gummies are made with organic whole CBD oil and THC oil, and they’re perfectly combined to result in a product that’s not only effective, but also incredibly comforting.

If you’re looking for a CBD-infused treat that is both delicious and potent, look no further than Sunderstorm‘s CBD gummies. The brand, known for its line of cannabis-infused gummies, recently debuted its 1st CBD-infused gummy, aptly named The Cannababy. This new gummy is infused with a 60mg dose of CBD and THC, which is the same amount of CBD and THC contained in 1 oz of cannabis. The Cannababy is a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, which is an ideal dose to start with for anyone looking to experience the benefits of CBD.

word-image-8171 – display Sunderstorm Inc. is a pioneer in the cannabis industry and is known for offering top quality consumer products. This is the company behind California’s legendary nutrition brand Kanha and the nanomolecular sublingual brand NANO5. The company has announced a new low-sugar, high-dose chewable candy that is ideal for experienced cannabis users. The gums are packaged in two 50 mg bands for high-dose users and are available in the fresh or delicious flavors strawberry lemonade. With 10 times more THC than other brands, these potent edibles are the solution for avid high-THC users. The proposed product is formulated so that consumers can get more THC from less gum. Made with all-natural ingredients and reduced sugar content, Kanha belts are also suitable for health-conscious consumers. Cameron Clark, CEO of Sunderstorm, says the company’s research and development team spent an entire year refining the Kanha Belt formula to satisfy users looking for high-dose products. The company expects the product to be super effective and suitable for patients with special medical needs or increased tolerance.

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Sunderstorm is a trusted cannabis producer from California that made a name for itself in 2015. The company’s mission is to help patients achieve a more harmonious and healthy lifestyle by bringing scientifically proven cannabis products to market. They manufacture and supply an incredible range of products including vape cartridges, edibles and sublinguals. The newest product, Kanha Premium chewables, is made from scientifically extracted, high-dose THC and high-quality, healthy-tasting cannabis oil.

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