if you are following the ketogenic diet, you know that there are a lot of delicious Italian dishes available! This one is no different, but we thought we’d take a minute to help you make the recipes featured on this blog a little more accessible to you. We’ve narrowed down the classic Italian dishes and created quick and easy keto friendly versions of them. Just keep in mind that keto is not a one-size-fits-all diet!

If you are a college student and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but are also on a budget, you should consider trying out some tasty Italian entrees to help you lower your daily food intake and make healthier meals for you and your family. These Italian entrees are quick and easy to make, so you can quickly get back to your studies or whatever else you have planned for the day.

Good food at home, the right way, can make a meal feel decadent and delicious. Real Good Foods Italian Entrees is a collection of Italian dishes that you can make quickly, easily, and with minimal effort. This is what cooking at home should be like—simple, easy and delicious. For a simple, easy and quick Italian dinner idea, try our Mushroom and White Bean Pasta recipe.


Today’s menu includes low-carb microwave dishes that are very delicious!

You don’t want to cook? Delicious low-carb Italian meals are available from Real Good Foods Co. But don’t worry, these frozen dinners don’t have all of the questionable additives that are common in frozen meals.

We were ecstatic to discover these Real Good Foods frozen dinners for less than $4 apiece at Walmart!


It just takes four minutes to prepare a cheese and heart dish, and you’ll be eating it quicker than you can say “What’s for dinner?” These protein-rich microwaveable meals will keep you going. What’s more, since they’re low in carbohydrates, you can simply stick to the keto diet with them.


This fast dinner concept is great for keto dieters, but it’s also kid-friendly and excellent for those evenings when you’ve got too much laundry to do and don’t have time to cook anything new for the kids.

Nutritional facts for Real Good Foods:


Gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free meals are available from Real Good Foods. While I wouldn’t suggest these as a main dish (as with other manufactured frozen dinners), they are a delicious, full, and satisfying alternative.


Stetson had this to say about Real Good Foods’ Italian snacks:

I’ve tasted a lot of Italian cuisine, and it’s all excellent. They’re rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, which I enjoy. If you’re always on the go and need a fast, substantial meal, simply throw them in the microwave for 4 minutes and you’ve got yourself a great lunch, supper, or even snack (since they don’t really fill me full, but I can certainly stuff them).

In addition, their rates are extremely cheap. Are they a show-stopper as a main course? Not quite, but it’s a delicious substitute. Next time, I’ll certainly try baking them since I’m sure they’ll be much more wonderful. Overall, I’m a huge fan, and I enjoy having these items on hand when I don’t feel like cooking (which is often!). Stetson –

Stacey, a member of our staff, also tasted them and raved about them.

The new Real Good Entrées were fantastic! They are comparable in size and texture to the enchilada line, but their taste is exceptional. If you’re looking for a fast lunch, I strongly suggest them. My favorite taste is the spinach and ricotta! Stacey,


Everyone will find something to their liking!

You didn’t care for the tastes you tried? There are also two-cheese enchiladas, spicy Italian sausage meals, traditional beef enchiladas, and other low-carb choices. And, for $3.94 a serving (or less if there’s a discount!) at Walmart, you might as well try a few!

And no, this isn’t a paid advertisement; rather, it’s a genuine evaluation of the product.

Also, have a look at our other top keto meals!

When you are on the ketogenic diet, it can be difficult to make sure that you are getting enough in-take of the right nutrients. One of our favorite go-to meals when we are busy is “Real Good Foods Italian Entrees – Quick & Easy Keto Dinner Idea”.. Read more about real good frozen meals walmart and let us know what you think.

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