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word-image-10832 Ullo, my ducks! Tough week. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get back in my lab and try out the Honeycomb Labs tablet, courtesy of our friends at Joint Delivery Co! They gave me a sample of Full Spectrum Extract live resin to try. word-image-4208 JOIN US IN A JOINT DELIVERY! Dark Fruit FSE by Honeycomb Labs has a delicious scent of mango, guava and passion fruit. Lovers of spicy flavors will find it hard to resist these delicious tropical flavors. If you opt for this weekend treat, you’ll only need one serving. I love the physical and mental boost this strain gives – GT always needs a little Go Juice, baby! Speaking of which, you should get out there and have some fun before summer is over. Or not! But if you sit at home all day, a little psychic centipede will surely crawl into your ear while you sleep, filling your mind with its voracious, tentacled larvae that will turn you into their Manchurian puppet, because the agony, oh my, the agony of protesting the insect demands of their hive is too much for a broken soul to bear. If you arrive sweating, covered in the blood of others and with bits of fly on your lips, don’t blame me! I told you to get some air, pal. Don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter to receive the latest giveaways, the hottest headlines from the DMV and, most importantly, automatic entry into my contests! FREE! Who loves you like a GT, baby?

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