As the U.S. government continues to expand its medical cannabis presence in states where it had been legalized, so has the number of dispensaries authorized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These five dispensaries serve the protected veteran population, but they are available to all patients in the state, as well.

Veteran Affairs (VA) recently released a list of 11 medical marijuana dispensaries that are now licensed to serve veterans in the state of Washington. The state legalized medical marijuana in 1998, but since then, only a handful of dispensaries have received licenses to provide cannabis to patients.

A recent article on the next generation of VA medical marijuana and dispensaries takes a closer look at the five licensed locations in the state. The article mentions the locations, but doesn’t discuss much other than the address, phone number, and hours of operation. This is a great example of what is meant by keeping the information “in the article”.

A more detailed map can be found here word-image-3857 Let’s talk about the five companies that grow and sell marijuana under Virginia’s medical marijuana program! Each winner will be a fully vertical company. This means they grow their own cannabis, process the CBD and THCa themselves, and sell it in their own dispensaries. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Patients do not have to go to the only pharmacy in their catchment area. You can visit any of these five places if you are on a beach vacation or otherwise.


PharmaCann will operate in Health Care Zone 1, which includes Charlottesville and the Shenandoah Valley. PharmaCann’s pharmacy will be located in Staunton. PharmaCann’s CEO is Teddy Scott, Ph. He co-founded the company in 2014. Scott was formerly a partner in the American Lawyer Top-100, is a co-founder of Accelerated Pharma Inc, advising medical technology incubator, and holds a Ph.D. in molecular biophysics. I think in his spare time he is looking for lost Inca cities. PharmaCann has six locations in Illinois serving Chicago – four pharmacies and two grow facilities. They also obtained a cultivation license and three dispensary licenses through the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. PharmaCann was recently acquired by MedMen. When it comes to high-quality cannabis, MedMen is part of that conversation. The company has offices in California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Florida and Illinois.


NoVA, my baby, my bubala! This is Dalitso, your cannabis dispensary in District 2. They will serve Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties. Dalitso’s website is currently quite empty, but it does have an Alexandria address and phone number. I’m sure they will have their hands full as a new cannabis company! Dalitso was founded by a local group of lawyers, dispensaries and real estate professionals who partnered with established medicinal cannabis professionals, as I noted in this blog post. I wonder who? Dalitso is owned by Greg Kennedy, who has an MBA from GW and a JD from Catholic University. I’m a bit of a bird man myself, you know. Kennedy plans to open her clinic in Manassas in 2019.

Green leaf

You already know about the Maryland Green Leaf! gLeaf is based in Frederick and is one of the few companies in Maryland allowed to grow in the Old Line state. Now they are bringing the action to Richmond and surrounding counties in Region 4. The Green Leaf Dispensary will be located in the South Richmond area of Manchester. The CEO of Green Leaf Medical, LLC is Philip Goldberg of Montgomery County, who is involved in the creation of the state’s cannabis legislation as the elected president of the Maryland Cannabis Industry Association. You can find more biographies of the members of the gLeaf team here. Here is a review of the gLeaf vape cartridge that I really liked. I’ve recently seen some very decent waxes from them for a reasonable price. I didn’t like their early blooms and tried a few, but that was last summer. word-image-9553 gLeaf has been very busy these past few months! They have raised $20 million to expand in the Northeast and have secured licenses in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I heard that the deal with Flying Dog Brewery to produce Maryland’s first THC-enriched beer fell through because the MMCC revoked their license. Maybe it’s a dream for another day.

Columbia Care

Zone 5 – Coastal Babies! The East Coast, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Virginia Beach and surrounding counties are served by Columbia Care. Columbia Care has chosen Portsmouth as the location for its pharmacy. Columbia Care is led by Michael Abbott and Nicholas Vita, two former employees of Goldman Sachs. Gross. But we all have a past, don’t we? I once had a problem with shoe sniffing myself. I’m still not allowed on the third floor. Columbia Care, based in New York, is a huge company. They operate in a total of nine states, as well as Puerto Rico and Malta. Do you even know where Malta is? It’s one of the James Bond countries, near France, isn’t it? Off the French coast? ((Ed: It’s not off the French coast)) Columbia Care has received a permit to open its first pharmacy in Manhattan. word-image-9554 In addition, they have a small business in Washington, DC – Capital City Care. Duh-duh-duh! I really liked the last CCC Chocolope flower I got. They are still closed for repairs after the building fire. I hope they recover soon! And just for fun: Columbia Care will also soon open a pharmacy in Maryland.


Dharma Pharmaceuticals is another Virginia-based startup that is licensed. They will be deployed in Zone 3 – Southwest Virginia, including the cities of Radford, Covington, Salem, Bedford, Lynchburg, Danville and Martinsville. There is very little information on the Dharma website except the address and phone number. The Washington Post calls them Operation Mom and Dad. It seems they teamed up with Blue Diamond Consulting to win the bid. Dharma is run by Michael Johnson, a pharmacist from Abingdon who also runs a pharmacy called Michael’s Pharmacy. Oh. They’re just adorable, guys. Dharma planned to open in the old, run-down Bristol Mall, a two-hour drive from the community of Roanoke, which is also under his jurisdiction. Looks like they’re sharing space with a casino! They are not very happy with this situation and are trying to find another place to live, but they have not been given permission to move. I expect delays in opening this clinic.

In which health sector do you work?

Here is a link to a list of counties and cities assigned to each of the cannabis service areas in Virginia.

How do I register as an IL patient?

Here is a list of doctors who are registered with the Virginia Cannabis Program. When searching, set the profession Licensed physician for CBD/THC-A oil. And here are the FAQs for patients! And a TLDR on the unique idiosyncrasies of Virginia’s medical program from you.A report from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) claims that nearly two-thirds of veterans seeking treatment for the use of marijuana for medical purposes at Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities were prescribed marijuana by a doctor or nurse practitioner. Of the 6,923 veterans who received treatment for their medical marijuana use at the VA system, 33% of them received it from a physician or nurse practitioner. The study found that 56% of the veterans who were prescribed medical marijuana were recommended to start using it by a clinician, while 34% of the veterans who were prescribed medical marijuana had begun using it before receiving treatment.. Read more about virginia dispensaries and let us know what you think.

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