Marijuana is now legal in Washington D.C., but you can never be too safe with the law. If you feel safer carrying a firearm or throwing something at the cops, go for it. If you have a better idea, better yet.

In Washington, DC, it’s very easy to find a weed dispensary. In fact, there are more than 300 on the East Coast alone. But for the uninitiated, the vast majority of the marijuana you’ll find on the shelves at your local drug store is just a middleman—it might look like any other weed, but it’s likely just a dried up, grey-brown mix of the herb’s essential oils and other chemicals. That’s what, or rather, that’s what not all weed is, because there are a few places in the District that offer a truly authentic, top-of-the-line product.

DC is home to some of the best cannabis dispensaries in the nation, with options that are as wide-ranging and diverse as the city itself. To help you navigate your way around this cannabis-friendly territory, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts available at some of the city’s most reputable dispensaries.. Read more about top secret dc and let us know what you think.

Today is a special review day because we are adding a new category – Psilocybin! Now that Initiative 81 has passed (by an even larger margin than the law that legalized cannabis, to be sure), some intrepid Initiative 71 brands are bringing mushrooms to market, and your lordship here. Let’s get to work, my loyal Goombas! The best cannabis gifts in Washington are waiting for you…. Disclaimer! I cannot guarantee the safety of any product. I judge the quality. I think it means the same thing, but I can’t guarantee it. You got it? Then clean it up, baby! These are my final recommendations:


One Up Chocolate Mushroom bar

Gentleman has personally tested and approved the power of these One Up chocolate bars, courtesy of our friends at Exotic Blooms. On the back of the package is a rough dosage guide: 1-3 is micro, 3-7 is therapeutic, 8-12 is shamanic (twelve pieces per tile). By the way, the chocolate is delicious – no trace of mold in the taste or texture. word-image-6872 I wasn’t really going to get everything out of Yellow Submarined, I just wanted to give an honest review, so I chose 4 parts. They got off to a fast start, about 35 minutes. When I got up, I realized I was closer to a Ballz-like trip than I thought, but it was surmountable after lying in the dark for an hour listening to trance and watching a series of pointless shorts pass behind my eyelids. The cozy, giggly atmosphere lasted about four hours. Have fun storming the astral planes, my brave psychonauts!


All flowers were tested in unbleached OCB cones this week.

Acai Gelato

word-image-6873 A delicious new product from Exotic Organics. This powerful hybrid has an acidic nose with strong berry notes and an exceptionally smooth and aromatic smoke. Did you know the Chef has a clean plate club on YouTube? It’s an acai gelato at the Gentleman’s Empty Bag Club. Still available, but stock is limited, so hurry!

Play-Doh Cake

word-image-6874 Another fantastic piece by Exotic Blooms! This highly psychoactive hybrid is ideal for daytime activities, such as Play Doh Cake, which increases concentration and provides a powerful mood boost. Expect a strong, classic skunk aroma with a hint of sweetness and a rich, smooth smoke.

Sundae Sunset Sherbet

word-image-6875 Another win for the DC TeaPad belt! With its orange hairs, purple sugar petals and bright green buds, DC TeaPad’s Sundae Sunset Sorbet is a feast for the eyes. This indicator produces a soft and delicious smoke that is best enjoyed in the evening or before bedtime.

LAX from Lumpy Farms

word-image-6876 Newcomer Launchpad DC took first place with LAX by Lumpy Farms. This hybrid has a distinct aroma of fresh herbs that reminds me of a men’s cologne….. It’s, uh… Coolant? Ah, it’s backwards, isn’t it? Soft smoke with a calm and functional buzz, it is perfect for daytime use.

Gary Payton to liver

word-image-6877 I’ve been seeing Gary Payton cookies around town for a while, but this batch of Royale Dankness is the freshest I’ve found. A light floral fragrance with a pleasant light smokiness. This flower provides a gentle relaxation, a calm mood and a peaceful mind without fatigue. A great addition to a yoga, meditation, archery or other class. I’m not here to tell you not to shoot an arrow blindfolded, I’m not your mother.

Other colours

Here is a list of the latest winners still available:


This week we are approving a new edible sexual stimulant:

Baked DC THC Drops

word-image-6878 Very impressed with the THC drops from Baked DC. The 1000 mg tinctures are clear and tasteless, making them ideal to add to any drink for a long, slow growing edible buzz. They also do not cause a burning sensation, so they can be taken sublingually for a faster and stronger effect, which I have tested. The pipette has convenient size markings for dosing, and the bottle states that 1 pipette = 50 mg. I took two pipettes under my tongue for ~100mg. The effect occurred after 15 minutes and lasted for two hours. It was like a roller coaster ride – a pleasant uplift in mood and a sense of excitement as thoughts bounced through my brain like little balls of fluff. I didn’t feel sleepy. Highly recommended!


The final winners are available at this time:


Green Kings just got an awesome Cannabis Forbidden Zoo from TODEM! word-image-6879 Here are some past winners that are still available:

Cartridges for matches

No new vape cards on the list for this week, but here is my updated list of recommended cards:The following is a list of unique gift ideas for your marijuana enthusiast.. Read more about dc weed gifters and let us know what you think.

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