A hotlist–a spreadsheet of a particular subject—has the potential to be one of the best marketing tools for a website. It is a simple to create tool that organizes and analyzes a wide variety of information from various sources. However, the creation and maintenance of a hotlist may be time consuming and can be difficult to constantly update.

Checking the morning DC Weed Hot List for a decent time to smoke up, and I find myself thinking about how into the list the Mayor was earlier this year. He proposed a minimum $2.00 per pack tax on cigarettes. I’m all for that. I’m also all for making sure there is an adult beverage within arms reach at all times. I’m not sure how much I have to drink to be under the legal driving limit, but I am sure that if I’m under 35 and I have a few drinks, I will be.

Hide your wombs, hide your governors, my friends, the 2020 election is coming! We may still be a week away from the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale, but The Gentleman is here to allay some of that fear. Here’s my latest list of cannabis flowers, potent edibles and delicious oils from DC I71 Gentlemen’s favorite cannabis brands. A real discussion: I cannot guarantee the safety of any product. I’d say most labs can’t do it either, but I’m not here to argue. NO! A gentleman judges quality. I think it means the same thing, but I can’t guarantee it. You got it? Then clean it up, baby! Here are my recommendations for this week:


This week, allow me to introduce you to five new shades that are sure to satisfy the discerning, non-monocultured palette of my readers. For the record, Gentleman tested the colors this week in classic RAW cones.

Hippie banger

word-image-8317 DC TeaPad did a fantastic job this week of making the Hotlist with their Hippie Crasher, which is a cross between Hippie Crippler and Wedding Crasher. A deliciously tart nose and excellent light smoke make this balanced daytime hybrid a must-have.


word-image-8318 Our only champion from last week, Baked, keeps Bon’s temperature with a Blackberry! The aroma and taste match its namesake, the smoke is soft and tarry enough to make your fingers sticky, and the indica in it is enough to make you smile instead of melt on the couch.


word-image-8319 Large, fresh cones that are sure to please aesthetes. This week’s new release from Exotic Organics has a spicy aroma with a hint of sweetness, a smooth, light smoke, and a pleasant vibe that isn’t tiresome.


word-image-8320 One of DC’s most popular shops, Gifted Curators offers a sweet and spicy indica with a strong kick. To the guy who texted me to ask which species would help him sleep – this one, boss. Even low doses require sleep.

DustMac OG

word-image-8321 The DustMac OG variety found in Lifted is a little loose, but the bump is super fresh and incredibly soft. Mild Hybrid Leaning Sativa balances my mood and helps me complete tasks throughout the day without significant cognitive deficits. No more than usual, I mean.

Other colours

Heady Club’s GG#4 from last week’s Hot List is still available, FYI!


We add two items to last week’s list of approved foods for sexual enhancers:

Refreshment shelves

word-image-8322 These vegan capsules with THC are sold in packs of 9 by Gifted Curators. Each capsule contains 25 mg of the hybrid flower mixture, for a total of 225 mg. The effects are quickly noticeable – I felt very relaxed 20 minutes after drinking two servings, a modest dose for a gentleman. The effect of 50 mg lasted for several hours and then served as an incentive to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. I like stoner pills too, because you don’t have to eat a whole brownie like some little piglets, right? Quiet, Hansel.

Brownie Reese

word-image-8323 Don’t get me wrong, I still ate the brownie. But can you blame me if it’s a thick, decadent slab of chocolate and Reese’s bits? Lucky Chuckie makes all their infused treats right here in Washington, D.C., and – uniquely compared to today’s incense blend manufacturers – they infuse with flowers, not distillate. The result is a well-chosen buzz across the spectrum. High tolerance users, like me, should feel the effect after about half a brownie (150 mg), but those with normal tolerance will feel it after a few bites.



I have two new concentrate deals for you this week. All oils are tested in the Puffco Peak at minimum heating, but this is not the case with our first submission.

New level presets

word-image-8325 I love the next level preview clips from Gifted Curators. Stem-specific compositions, down to the gram, infused with resin and rolled in Kif? I eat what she eats! I tried several versions and found that they all had excellent flavor and smooth smoke, which is impressive considering their high strength – I need four rounds to smoke out a cigar.

Plantgenix hashish resin

word-image-8326 Last week, Green Kings was on the list for their cannabis resin, but I forgot to mention that some of their fine fluff is made by the cannabis development team at DC Plantgenix. Over the years I’ve found some great samples from these folks and can definitely recommend them – this sample is their CMO.

Other concentrates

THCa Crystalline, which I recommended in this Select Co-Op column last week, is still available!

Cartridges for matches

No new vape cars on this week’s list, but here are some products I know you’ll like: Baked DCMAC 1 CO2 Vapor Cart word-image-8327

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