Kate Kline is a Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer. She is also the founder of the website CoachKline.com, where she shares her passion for helping people live a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition and exercise. Her blog CoachKline.com is where she posts weekly recipes and weight loss tips and tricks. Coach Kate works with individuals, athletes, and companies to help them achieve their personal health and fitness goals. She was recently featured on the Ellen Show with the “Healthy You” segment where she was interviewed about her healthy lifestyle and lifestyle tips.

Work hard, play hard. Coach Kate Kline would never let you forget that playing and working hard is how you stay in the game. As a successful sports coach, she has been there and done that. As a personal trainer, she has watched her clients move from playing to working hard to playing hard. She knows that she needs to protect her clients’ bodies and minds so that they can keep going.

The DU coaches are great.  Every six months they take a group of out of shape clients and get them back into the best shape of their lives.

But it’s not just magicians, internet sadists and keyboard jockeys. They are also real people with real lives, real experiences, and their own real world problems.

You did what you did. You’ve been where you are. That’s what makes them so delicious.

In this series of PN coach profiles, you’ll find out a bit more about her. Today: the profile of Kate Kline.

I hope I’m not getting emotional, says NP coach Kate Kline when I ask her about her experience. I hate drama. I don’t want people to think I’m a crazy, uptight person.

And, she laughed, I hate talking about myself. Then she pours out her heart, throwing words around in a stream of visceral confessions.

Compulsion – for those readers among you who have been fortunate enough to escape its clutches – is like a sleepwalking movement toward pain. Or, as in Kate’s case, pounding the pavement with a frenzied, rhythmic fury that left her feet bloody and her body broken.

As a young teenager, she was a coach’s dream: Deeply focused. Strictly structured. I’m trying to please. Slim, lanky and light-footed. A ham that did not allow itself to be distracted by the feminine uninhibitedness of youth and whose energy and dynamism seemed to know no bounds.

In high school, Kate recalls, her schedule was tighter than the CEO’s. She has played almost every team sport. Juggling academic knowledge. Every moment of every day was taken into account.

I woke up, walked to school, studied hard at school and did my homework at lunch. After school, two or three sports, from high school football to competitive club football. I go home at 8 or 9. I’m going to bed now. Then do it all over again. This may sound terrible to some people, but I loved it.

The first year of high school started out great, Kate recalls. She played football. Cross country and track and field team. Then it got better. …. but bad, she sighed.

In ninth grade, she won the state title in track and field. His colleagues and coaches were stunned. Scholarship offers are starting to appear. Everyone wanted a piece of the bunny. And Kate really wanted a baby.

Youth is as malleable as clay. Kate found her form and plunged in eagerly. Busy Kate has turned into obsessive Kate. Seeking the warmth of praise and recognition, she began to prepare in the white heat of others’ expectations and the Arizona summer. They traveled by road under the hot southwestern sun. Every mile burned up a piece of weakness.

However, if the clay is baked too long, too hot or too early, it becomes brittle. Deformed. Small imperfections can explode on their way to the surface.

There are cracks. Kate ran in desperate agony. The cadence of his steps continued. Next. Next. She ran 100 miles a week. Twice a day.

Her family and friends begged her to stop. She was afraid of their disapproval, but she was also afraid of giving up her job. She removed herself from them and hid in a haze of overheated footsteps. His parents took off his shoes. I locked the door so she couldn’t get out. It caught up with them. She walked barefoot until she bled. When she wasn’t running, she was thinking about running. That’s how you get the next shot.

Racing was my drug of choice. It’s like I’ve lost my mind. I didn’t know who I was. I was mad. Mentally unstable. I became a zombie.

And like a zombie, his flesh melted. The heat hardened skeleton ignored him. Weakness and cowardice must be eradicated. Good riddance to those who did not pass the test.

Then one day, deprived of all food, the skeleton collapsed. Someone carefully lifted his frail, fragile body off the smoking sidewalk. Transferred to the coolness and quiet of the hospital, she was barely alive.

She weighed 74 kilos at a height of 175 cm. At one point, his pulse dropped to 13 beats per minute. His heart was broken, as was that of his parents.

My parents are the best people in the world, she said sadly. They begged and cried and pleaded with me to stop. They did their best. But I was strong and rebellious. I was small, weak and withered, but I was strong. I’m a strong woman. You don’t say no to me. I was not only psychotic, I was addicted to my psychosis. And it defined my personality. I was Kate’s runner.

It still hurts me to think about what I did to them. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be alive.

Kate, a teenager, is dangerously underweight.

Locked up in a hospital bed, I felt so empty. I felt like I was in a hole and could never get out. I couldn’t imagine doing what I wanted to do again. I lost everything I was holding on to. It is the most painful feeling when you feel hopeless, like you have nothing to live for. Sometimes I wanted to die.

Despite her lack of physical strength, she was backed by an iron will. She studied the books, strived for success, even in ICU. I got excellent grades in high school and college. I’ve never gotten a 9 in my life, she says proudly.

But ironically, she admits that despite my book knowledge (including a 100% grade in math), I have very little common sense. I have a hard time with the little everyday things people do. Read notes. Verdict. Even opening doors.

I ask her if she has ever thought about the fact that she might have a learning disability. She’s thinking about it. She’s really struggling with writing. She expresses herself sometimes. Some thought she had attention deficit disorder.

PN coaching was a big challenge for me, she says. I can talk and I am good at verbally describing my thoughts. But writing is hard for me. Of course, she likes a challenge. She began the project to learn how to express herself enough to understand and connect with customers online, and supplemented this with more verbal connections.

Meanwhile, teenager Kate faces the challenge of recovery. She’s recovered enough to start her sophomore year. I started eating more. He got stronger. He got to start lifting weights. I ate more. I took a few more. Slowly, the elevator began to fill the hole. The meat is returned as muscle. The 90-year-old woman’s bones were beginning to gain strength.

It felt so good to get stronger. I felt like I didn’t have to walk anymore. I am an athlete at heart and always will be. I love intensity and I want to push my body to the limit. But this time I didn’t do it for anyone, I did it for myself. That’s what gave me the impetus, because I really liked it.

After it almost killed her, the training saved her life. His spirit has risen. She went to college. I always got excellent grades. I continued to build muscle, one hard earned fiber at a time. She has lived, as she says, as a popular outsider: extroverted, friendly, but isolated. No party, just total dedication to learning and taking nutrition and strength training to the next level.

There is a part of me that is very different from the others, she says with poignant calm. Did she miss the party? No, I liked to study and eat. These things are my passion.

For a moment she was tempted to start walking again. I was made to run. I have a lung. Her legs are still long, and despite the extra muscle, she’s still relatively light. Jackrabbit is always fast. She could have qualified for the Olympics for the marathon by running a qualifying time in a training race.

Luckily, she caught herself before she could dive down that rabbit hole again. It wasn’t worth it. There comes a time when all training is no longer useful. It becomes too much of a strain on the body. I decided I had other hobbies. It’s not who I am anymore. She pauses. And I couldn’t do that to my parents again.

And also happy that she found and reunited coach Krista Schaus. Coach Krista has become a kind of mastermind for the student Kate.

We have so many strengths and we can concentrate on those and try to develop them. Krista has been instrumental in taking my strength knowledge and confidence to the next level. I am so grateful to have him in my life. Our paths crossed for a reason. Nothing in life is random. I don’t believe in irony. If it weren’t for Krista, I wouldn’t be a PN coach today.

A chance encounter with a photographer led Kate to fitness modeling. It wasn’t easy for the tomboy either, who hated being photographed.

My first admission was absolutely awful, she admits. When I received the photos, I was furious. But it pushed me even further. It was hard, but I wanted to improve. I began to realize that there was something cool about it – I wasn’t doing it for fame, money or recognition, but because it was new and different….. and it was fun.

For many clients of PN coaching, a final professional photo shoot can be nerve-wracking, but also fun and memorable. They discover, like Kate, that photographs are a source of inspiration. The photos tell a story. Images appeal differently to one person than another.

Photos are a way to make yourself known. We are motivated by the images. I began to wonder what I could convey through photography and if it could help someone be inspired and achieve their goals, evoke an emotion that would help them succeed.

The pictures are really cool.

Today, as an NP coach, she guides her clients towards their own goals – to create their new self-concept. She is also committed to helping her clients maintain their own lives through healthy eating and exercise.

At first, clients may wonder how a woman who once could not gain weight with a daily caloric intake of 3,200 calories can understand her struggle to lose fat.

People want to know how to deal with me because I’m skinny. This is an example of self-imposed self-limiting perceptions. We all have dreams, passions that we think we can’t achieve.

What I did to achieve my goals was something I never thought I could do. You believe, you concentrate, you realize. You have to believe in yourself that you can do it. You must have a plan. And part of my plan is to eat well, lift weight, and surround myself with supportive people.

When I was skinny, people commented on my body. They looked at me and said: Ugh, you’re so skinny. We all feel strange and different. I am very understanding of my clients. I feel what they feel. When you have days like this, you think: God, I made a mistake, or I want to be here but I’m stuck here, or there are habits I rely on but need to give up. It’s hard, and you fight. There are days when you don’t do everything right. I completely understand.

PN coaching is the same thing – same journey. Just different targets. It’s a human challenge that you have to overcome. It’s something that resonates with all of us.

Sometimes the popular outsider struggles with his identity and his desire for connection. On the one hand, she says: I follow my own tracks. I’m glad I’m different. I’m just keeping it to myself. I am who I am, I am as I am, and I accept it.

On the other hand: I feel a little lonely because I’m so focused. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with other people because I’m so passionate about the subject.

It’s a constant itch for contradiction. She plans another phone call with me, telling me that she is indeed nice. Even their stupidity is conditioned to some degree.

I’m really happy with who I am and what I’m doing with my life and PN Coaching, she says. I’m following my passion. I’m still studying. It’s hard to be so different, but I’m so grateful for everything I have.

I’m sticking to the plan and I’m happy with it. I’m very, very focused. If you had to describe me in one word, it would be dynamism. I fight for my hobbies, I fight in life, and fitness is a big part of that. I’m always setting new fitness goals, pushing my limits. It is the inner athlete who seeks intensity.

I want to grow up too. I strive to be the best I can be. I try not to limit myself. Don’t limit yourself in your ideas, goals or expectations of yourself.

Ten years and forty books ago, she could never have imagined being a model. I never thought I could do something like that. I never thought I’d be walking again. Or go to college. Or live a normal life. Or happy. I thought I had enough.

Supported by her family, friends and the PN team, she wants to give her clients as much good karma as possible. She channels her energy to be the best coach she can be.

I want to help others, inspire them to become what they want to be, ignite a spark in them. Kill the negative thoughts and help people focus on what they can achieve.

I see so many doubts from customers. I felt the same way in my hospital bed. I never thought I could develop my strength and do what I do now: Sermon Health and Fitness. With my clients, I help them experience things they didn’t know they had.

They must do something in return, she demands with characteristic persistence. It is each person’s responsibility to give back to the world what it has taken from them. It’s something I try to do every day. Getting people to believe, focus and achieve.

Once, every step was painful for Kate. Now, every step of life is a treasure. She’s on her way, but she’s in no hurry. He’s a leader, not a speedster.

I love walking this road with clients. It is a gift to observe and share customer journeys.

Kate and her boyfriend Jmiah

As you can see, PN coaches put their heart and soul into the PN coaching program.

For her, it’s not just the work of a weight loss coach.  No, they do it to give their customers something meaningful and important.  Heck, they do it to change the world.

Who wouldn’t want a coach like that?

For more information on the PN coaching program, click here.

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