Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders in developed countries, affecting millions across America. If you have epilepsy and want to join the navy or any other military branch, it might be a little difficult because they won’t trust your medical condition – but there are some exceptions.

The “can you join the coast guard with epilepsy” is a question that many people have asked. The answer to this question is no, because of the potential risk that comes with epilepsy.

Can you join the navy if you have epilepsy? |

Epilepsy, single seizures, and febrile convulsions are all symptoms of epilepsy.

If you’ve had a single seizure in the previous five years, you won’t be eligible to join the army, navy, or air force. If you’ve had a single seizure in the past 5 to 10 years, you may be eligible to work in certain prohibited occupations.

Is it possible for me to join the military with epilepsy in this way?

Epilepsy is a categorical no-no for any flying tasks. For military reasons, a single unprovoked convulsion may be enough to establish a seizure condition diagnosis.

What medical issues prevent you from serving in the military? Medical Issues That May Prevent You From Joining the Military

  • Gastrointestinal System and Abdominal Organs You may be ineligible for military duty if you have any of the following conditions:
  • Diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues You may be ineligible for military duty if you have any of the following conditions:
  • Dental.
  • Ears.
  • Hearing.
  • Disorders of the Endocrine and Metabolic Systems
  • The arms and legs.
  • The legs and feet.

Is it possible to be a fireman with epilepsy?

There are no federal restrictions prohibiting persons with epilepsy from working as firefighters, police officers, correctional officers, or other LEO occupations. However, some private groups suggest that law enforcement officers and firemen satisfy particular medical standards as a condition of employment.

Is epilepsy curable?

Medications are now used to treat the majority of epilepsy cases. Drugs can not cure epilepsy, although they may typically effectively regulate seizures. In today’s world, almost 80% of persons with epilepsy have their seizures managed by medication at least part of the time. Others who use medicine claim that it is ineffective.

Answers to Related Questions

Is it possible to work if you have epilepsy?

If your epilepsy is under control, it will not have a substantial impact on your ability to work physically. However, it is self-evident that you cannot operate physically while suffering an epileptic seizure.

Is it possible for me to get fired because I have epilepsy?

You cannot be dismissed because you suffer from epilepsy. The majority of courts have ruled that epilepsy qualifies as a disability under the ADA. If you have a handicap, you must be able to perform the essential tasks of your employment, whether or whether your employer provides reasonable accommodations.

Is it possible to join the British Army if you have epilepsy?

Epilepsy, single seizures, and febrile convulsions are all symptoms of epilepsy.

If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy and have had more than one seizure since the age of five years, you will not be permitted to join the army, navy, or air force. You haven’t experienced a seizure in the previous five years.

Is epilepsy considered a handicap?

If you have epilepsy that has a significant impact on your day-to-day activities, you are likely to be classified as handicapped under the Disability Discrimination Act. If you didn’t take your epilepsy medication, your epilepsy would have a significant impact.

Will you be able to join the military if you have terrible teeth?

You will not be permitted to join the military if you have braces on your teeth and are still receiving treatment from an orthodontist. Current orthodontic appliances (V53.4) are ineligible for continuing treatment.

Why aren’t flat feet permitted in the military?

In the United States military, asymptomatic flat feet are no longer a service disqualification, but symptomatic flat feet are a grounds for disqualification during the recruitment process. Even withoutorthoses, such a disease may cause extreme discomfort and a significant reduction in walking capacity.

What is the simplest branch of the military to join?

“We had to crawl across the sand and act like warriors.” However, airmen believe that the Air Force has the simplest basic training. “I believe it’s the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force,” Tech added.

Is it possible to join the military if you have ADHD?

Is it Possible to Join the Military if You Have ADHD? Although ADHD does not automatically preclude a person from serving in the military, it does limit one’s ability to enroll. ADHD may also prevent a person from doing specific tasks or holding certain postures (this is determined on acase-by-case basis).

Is it possible to join the military after breaking a bone?

You won’t be able to join the military if you have a fractured bone. However, since it will cure, it is regarded as a transitory ailment. Your request for a military physical will be delayed if you have a TDQ until your ailment has cured and you can show it no longer affects you.

Is it possible for you to bring your phone to MEPS?


Personal possessions are not kept in a secured storage facility at MEPS. As a result, you won’t need to carry a lot of cash to the MEPS. b.Precious objects, such as jewelry, costly eyewear, and any form of electronic equipment (i-Phone, Tablets, etc.).

Is it possible for me to remain in the military if I have bipolar disorder?

If you have a current diagnosis or a history of a mental condition with psychotic symptoms, such as schizophrenia or a delusional disorder, you are prohibited from serving in the US military, according to the US Department of Defense. If you have bipolar disorder or affective psychoses, you will be rejected.

Is it possible to join the military if you have a medical condition?

Issues that exclude you from enlistment, appointment, or induction. For a variety of reasons, the military does not allow persons with specific medical disorders to join the ranks, the most important of which is to ensure the safety of all service members.

What is the most effective seizure home remedy?

AEDs may be made more effective and relaxing by herbs including chamomile, passionflower, and valerian. Ginkgo, ginseng, and stimulant herbs including caffeine and ephedrine, on the other hand, might aggravate seizures.

Is it possible for fits to be fatal?

Rarely, individuals die unexpectedly for no apparent cause. Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy is a term used to describe when this occurs to someone who has epilepsy (orSUDEP). When a person with epilepsy dies unexpectedly and there is no other cause of death, it is known as Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. It’s possible that someone passed away during or after a seizure.

Is epilepsy linked to memory loss?

Any form of epileptic seizure, whether it occurs during or after a seizure, has the potential to damage your memory. Memory issues may occur more often if you have a lot of seizures. Memory issues in patients with epilepsy are most often caused by abnormalities in the temporal or frontal lobes of the brain.

If you have epilepsy, it is possible to join the navy. There are many jobs that an individual with epilepsy can do, but there are specific physical requirements for each job. The “what jobs can you do with epilepsy” article will help answer any questions you may have about joining the navy.

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