Making a healthy lifestyle change is difficult and takes a lot of commitment. The most common reasons people give up on a healthy lifestyle are because of the difficulties involved in being healthy. One of the most difficult things to do is to make a change in your daily routine. This is often the hardest step to making any major life changes.

Curio Wellness is a holistic health and wellness center in the heart of downtown Seattle with a state-of-the-art fitness facility, a private yoga studio, and a beautiful spa. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services, educating them about wellness and health, and helping them to look and feel their best.

Today we take a look at an indica called Black Dog from Curio Wellness, one of the first medical marijuana producers in Maryland to release their products. You may recall my previous quasi-review when I tried some of their Guice in the early days of medical sales? It doesn’t matter if it’s not. It’s not like I expect you to read everything I write as an adrenochrome sidekick. It’s 30% apocalyptic neuroses, 30% externalization of my mental parasites, 30% weed talk, 10% dick jokes. Okay, you got it. Welcome to you! Don’t mind the demons, they just need a good beating. Fuck you, you! You are here. Watch your step, sweeties. I’ve heard a few horror stories on social media about the offerings of early medical programs in Maryland, aside from the price – getting a shake instead of bags, bags full of seeds – but that hasn’t been my experience so far. This quarter of the Black Dog variety from Curio Wellness was essentially a large, impressive bud without a single seed. The packaging itself has a nice child-resistant closure that little hands definitely won’t be able to open or tear, and it’s airtight enough to keep your bud fresh enough. Look at this beauty! The pieces are whole, well trimmed to preserve the beautiful trichomes and remove unwanted leaves and sweet stalks. The flavor profile is a bit light, with a slight herbal and spice flavor, so that aspect could be improved a bit, but it smokes evenly and has some other excellent qualities. And the program has only been around since December! word-image-18448 Of course, what I like most about the Maryland program are the cannabinoid and terpene reports that come with the purchase, and not just because it helps me increase my word count without much effort, but yes, that too. Strangely, Curio Wellness’ Black Dog only gives the THCa content (20%), but not the actual THC content. It also indicates the total content of the 7 grams, not the percentage of the content of the main ingredients. Okay, well, we can work it out. We have to do it, don’t we? Damn, I didn’t sign up for math on the internet. Calm down. Search on Google. It’s all right, it’s all right. So there’s a little bit of CBG in it, which is a nice cannabinoid that really helps me deal with anxiety – 80.4 mg in 7 grams of cannabis. This means that 7g contains 0.804g, which means that about 0.115 of each gram is CBG, or 1.15%. Not much, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a CBG exceed the 3% maximum. The terpene count is even lower, which is to be expected since the aromatic profile is not very strong: Limonene dominates with 21.8 mg (.31%), B-myrcene is 16.1 mg (.23%) and B-caryophyllene is 8.7 mg (.124%). For your information: You must allow for small variations from crop to crop. word-image-18449 Well, since we can’t properly estimate the power from the available information, we will have to work with the ratio bongaload/man/hour or b/g/hour. Black Dog from Curio Wellness has an excellent potency of 2 b/g per hour. One serving is not enough, and three leads me to the bank. In moderate doses, it’s great for the day – my mood improves a bit, the seven old demons that the old monk carved into my soul are soothed and rest in peace, and I can still think clearly. Well done! At first, it gives you a small burst of energy, but it disappears quickly, so you probably won’t be running or drinking coffee afterwards. If I haven’t had a full meal lately, the Black Dog definitely stimulates my appetite. While smoking Black Dog, I was more interested in music than television, splitting my time between my new favorite synthesized alternative band, Lo Moon, and the new B0RNS album, which, while not as good as the first, still won me over with songs like Sweet Dreams, I Don’t Want U Back, and God Save Our Young Blood (featuring Lana Del Ray, squeee!). If you smoke it tonight, you’ll get a good night’s sleep. word-image-18450 So much for this gentleman’s experiences with medical marijuana in Maryland and Curio Wellness in particular. If you want to learn more about Curio’s products – they also work with market leader Dixie Elixirs to make topical tinctures, pills and balms – you can find them online here. word-image-18451

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