If you love to cook up a storm, you’ll love this new Spiralizer. The simple to use design lets you create zucchini noodles in the blink of an eye. It has a non-stick spiral blade and a non-skid base to ensure that your appliance doesn’t slide around while running the blade.

Zucchini noodles are a great alternative to pasta for the times when you don’t want to eat anything but vegetables. They’re a great low-carb side dish, too. But one thing you might not have known is that zucchini noodles can be used to make one delicious treat: zoodles!  Zoodles are simply zucchini noodles, and the name literally means “zucchini noodles” in Italian.  They’re very similar to zucchini bread, but instead of using yeast, they use a spiralizer to slice the zucchini into thin noodles. The end result is a fun, almost-instant pasta dish, and you can make it in just a few minutes.


Keep your bestiality under control!

Use coupon code VV7R4WI8 at checkout on Amazon.com to get this SimpleTaste Spiralizer Slicer for just $12.91. (valid through September 15). Gone


You may use this spiralizer to make nutritious and colorful vegetable strands instead of carbohydrate-rich noodles and pasta! It also comes with five different blades that are ideal for cutting ribbons or tiny strands. It also features strong suction feet, making it very simple and safe to use.


After you’ve purchased this sweet spread, try this simple and delicious Bacon Cacio e Pepe dish! Bacon noodles are great without the extra carbohydrates since they only have 2 carbs per serving. Also wonderful is this keto chicken with pesto and zucchini noodles!

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