If you’ve seen the documentary, “Fat Head,” you know it’s a good movie. In short: it’s a documentary about a young man who goes to a low-carb restaurant and eats very unhealthy things, and then goes home and has a head of junk on his body that he is very proud of. What else would you expect from a movie about eating?

Fat Head is a Hollywood film that follows the memoir of a man who accidentally wrote a bestselling book about low-carb diets. His family and friends are baffled by his sudden fame as a low-carb diet expert, but his book has been a hit since its publication.

Have you seen the classic film Fat Head (2009)? The film tells the story of comedian Tom Naughton who tries to lose weight by going on a fast food diet to prove Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock wrong.

Gradually, Naughton realized that he himself was at fault by focusing only on calories. Ironically, the meaning of the film changes dramatically between the first and second half.

You can watch the trailer above (transcript). The full film is available to users on our website: The fat head of the director

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Plus with Tom Naughton

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