Abdominal Crunch. Step out of your yoga mat and onto your kitchen counter today. You’re going to crank out a full 10 reps of the abdominal crunch. This move is terrific for reshaping the abs and building core strength.

Plank is an essential pose in the yoga practice. The name may come from the Greek word ‘plankos’ meaning ‘a long piece of wood’. But here’s the thing: in yoga, the plank poses are not static. They are dynamic and twisting and turning and moving and changing. Here are 5 plank variations that will spice up your yoga practice.

Yoga, the practice of physical postures designed to stretch and strengthen the body, has been around for thousands of years and has a number of benefits. The practice can help reduce stress and increase flexibility, but you can also burn calories and increase strength while improving flexibility.. Read more about yoga poses and let us know what you think.

In most yoga styles, the Planka pose is a transitional pose between the downward facing dog and something like the cobra pose. You probably do planking a lot, but you never thought about the beauty of it. We want to change that! Check out these fun variations of the 5 plank positions.

But first…

Installation of the circuit board, step by step

  1. On all fours. Bring your shoulders close to your wrists and make sure your elbows are pointing inwards (elbows forward = hyperextension).

  1. Pull your diaphragm back and feel your tailbone/crossbone reach the wall behind you to create a straight back.
  2. Swing your hands forward (fingers resting on the mat and spread apart) to get to your knees. Stay there for this version of the Plank Pose, or pull your knees up and stand on your toes for the next variation of the Plank Pose.
  3. Kernel, baby, kernel. Do push-ups through the heels. Eyes forward. Stretch at the expense of the upper back. And smile.

Numerous variations of theformat

Cross them – stand in a plank position and cross one ankle over the other. Squeeze your hips to train your quadriceps and core. Wait. Breathe. Change.

Funkified – half chaturanga, half forearm? That’s it! From the forearm support position, bring one of your arms into chaturanga (half-dive position) – your elbow is pulled to the side of your waist and you form an angle between your elbow, your forearm and your upper arm. Shift the focus forward and change after 5 breaths.

Wide – From the traditional forearm or plank position, take a large step with your feet out so that they are on the edge of the mat or wider. Activate the inner leg muscles (adductors) and go, go, go. While you’re at it, say hello to your quadriceps!

Boom – Enter the boom pose from the plank pose by moving the chosen foot to the inside of the ankle, calf or thigh of the main leg. Work on upper body posture, breathing and core control. To cheer yourself up, lower yourself into the chaturanga, then lift yourself up into the bar. Change the channel!

Flying Plank – From the forearm position or traditional plank, place the toes of the back foot on the mat and begin to bend the knee to float forward with the chosen foot. Let it hang as you bend your knee to your elbow, arm or midline. Keep your spine straight and your abdominal muscles tight.

All these games will help you keep your board fresh and start building your confidence, strength and endurance in the traditional board pose.As the weather starts to get colder, the desire to get outside and move more often hits, but you’re not sure where to start. You can head to the gym, or you can try your hand at yoga. Both offer great benefits, but often times the latter is less accessible and more challenging.. Read more about elbow plank and let us know what you think.

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